Thursday, February 20, 2014

Help Victims of Natural Disasters

Amid natural disasters, if not stopped , we moved there . Moves to help our brothers and sisters who are victims of natural disasters. Move to make something we can do to help yana.

What have plenty of material jack sutisna, but no time or can help sending the material goods necessary . That only has a modest material but have the energy and time, they may volunteer. How to help victims in the post -post evacuation. How then did not have enough material , labor , or time?

Do not be sad , you gan ... During Alex Dago has Tetep Internet package can help someone anyway. If you are not already send regular pulse tuh ... Well, if that's Send Package Kombat Deals, gan ! Steady really do , I gained In an era of increasingly sophisticated mobile, it is possible to provide more sophisticated care !

Toll Free Quota and become an important thing. Moreover , being in touch with friends , share news, and certainly to find development information ... Because now is the time to share Internet package to a relative / family Agan affected by natural disasters .